Thursday, June 16, 2011

How the Idea for Star Friends was Birthed to Earth!

Seeing as I don't have many readers now, and considering that this is mainly a single persons effort for the narcissistic objective of self gratification. I will proceed to explain to myself how I came up with my own idea. ha............crickets chirping................ha., I forgot how much I liked to write!

Anywho, I will try to explain to you (or just me if there aren't any yous) the story of the star friends. THE STAR FRIENDS. Yes, yes dear child your little mortal head is about to be graced with tales from lands unknown!

Once upon a time during Art Prize (a stuffy gathering of mainly suburbanite people who do not understand art nor imagination) my friend Joelle and I took the bus to see the photo realism that took first prize. Side note, I do not like photo realism because it's realistic and it looks like a photo. Sure it shows technical skill but really....honestly you don't have to have a creative mind to copy something from real life. Art is about opening the eyes to the worlds that lie beyond the world. The worlds inside of our heads. And let me tell you those worlds are far more interesting and wild.) But upon viewing the well executed but disturbingly boring piece of work, we decided to roam about. We stumbled on some paper covered tables that welcomed you to illustrate their clean white sheets. And oh, gasp.....low and behold below we saw the most wonderful masterpiece of all kind. The masterpiece of a child. One of those pure blank imaginative minds that conjure up the most beautiful simple things had graced our table and left a profoundly wonderful thought for us to collect. Star friends on earth.

Upon receiving that thought from a baby genius I decided heck I'm gonna sell kids clothes.
I proceeded to steal his or her drawing and have been using it ever since. 

The end.